1/17/2022 A.

Updated: Jan 28

Pahaliah No.1122= This is my emotional guardian Angel, and ey is reminding me that I have a connection with the invisible force of creation. There is a divine creative power flowing into my mind and this wholly force is the divine Creator energizing and inspiring me with ideas. And when I think and create with this sacred force, I'm using my imagination to express my true self- the Source within me! Through this channeling of my imagination, I have the divine energy to create incredible solutions for my world, and this is what Israfil was telling me would be part of my real life with No. 1111 on 1/15/2022 A.

In my current life, my ideas originate from another dimension. So, when I choose to hold certain ideas in my brain, the image I'm creating is going to make emotions I'll feel in my body. Thus, these emotions will end up radiating an energy that will attract certain people and situations to me.

With this understanding, I should make a point to combine my positive imagination with a higher vibration of good feeling emotions so I can use my creative power to attract positive people and experiences in order to support my vision- instead of bad feeling thoughts and negative emotions that will attract unwanted people and experiences that don't support my vision.

For this reason, when I align myself with a positive idea and constantly think about it with uplifting emotions, I will attract positive people and situations that will help me transform my ideas into our physical reality. with that in mind, if my intention is to create a new product to serve a human need- such as is the case with my divination tool- I will be guided to certain people and collaborations that will help me find inspirational situations suitable for my bright invention.

The fact that I'm seeing No. 1122 at this time is also a reminding me to purposely focus and build a positive image of what I desire in my mind instead of focusing on what is unwanted. Therefore, I should use all my creative energy to concentrate on what I truly do want.

Remember, every invention in my current life was once an idea created in the divine mind of Allah. And with my imagination, I need to let the world see the "real me" though my talented creations, because my talent is the divine Creators' gift to me, and it's important for me to remember that I'm the greatest gift I can give to this world.

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