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1/19/2023 A

Odin No. 110= The All-Father is lending his support to the endeavor that is my profession. As such, this number brings to mind the idea that I have endured a great deal of difficulty throughout this lifetime and that not all that I deserved to have in this life was able to make its way to me at the appropriate time. Odin expresses his regret that he was unable to assist me during the time in which I required the guidance of supremacy the most.

Odin says I have been through enough hardship in my life, and I've had to put in a lot of effort to accomplish things that were actually destined to be mine anyway at some point in the future. I was forced to consistently fight for all the things that have taken up a significant portion of my life. Whereas the rest of the world has been able to obtain them with relative ease.

Odin wants me to understand that God is trying to check the strength with which I face myself. Note that my expression number is 8, which is associated with the Tarot card of strength. He states that if I remain strong-willed and balance my spiritual activities with my desires, I'll be able to outlast any path God sets me upon. In the meantime, I should believe in the support of God and the Angels, as this will provide me with more support.

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