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1/22/2023 A

Caliel No. 144= The No. 1 in this sequence is a reminder that I can choose my own path, so I shouldn't allow previous decisions to stand in my way.

More importantly, Caliel is sending me the No. 4 twice. This digit is associated with determination and hard work in taking steps to enhance my spiritual journey. Having an emphasis on this digit is a reminder that the hard work I put in now will be worth whatever reward awaits me.

If we combine the numbers 1, 4 and 4, we get the root No. 9. Despite this digit having many meanings, it represents faith in this case. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I figured I'd just go to the bathroom and then go back to sleep. but when I laid back down, my brain started going over the fundamentals of my beliefs and the orientation of my Ring Deck as a tool for others to connect and communicate with the Angels as I do in order to make this world a better reflection or the Divine realm by learning to be more like the Guardian Angels that guide us. Therefore, Caliel is asking me to have faith that I'll be at the receiving end of this spiritual enlightenment as well.

This brings me to the spiritual meaning of this Angel No. 144. Unlike some Angel numbers, this one is surprisingly simple to interpret. I've been told countless times that a fresh start in some form or another is heading my way. At that moment, I'll have to choose if I want to just coast through the rest of this life- never really achieving anything, or I can choose to heed the double 4's message here and work hard with determination in order to get where I need to go to receive my gift of enlightenment.

If I choose the latter option, seeing this Angel number states that I need to be ready to put in the necessary work. Since Caliel is showing me this sign this morning, the Angels think I'm ready to reap the rewards that await me. Note that this journey has been a spiritual one so far, so this means that I'm reaching spiritual enlightenment at the end of this journey. Caliel asks me to keep that in mind as I begin the work that lies ahead of me.

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