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1/26/2023 B

Lelahel No. 33= This Angel No. 33 takes the power associated with the No. 3 and doubles it. As such, it becomes a highly spiritual and emotional valence, and is linked to many spiritual icons in religious circles such as the third eye in Buddhism or the Holy Trinity in Christianity. This number is thought to connect the physical life with that of the spiritual, so it has a vibrational energy of positivity, upliftment and nurturing, which induces a desire to love and care for others, to help the helpless and to teach the ignorant.

Lelahel is the Angel of the Divine light of love that heals everything. Ey is my primary intellect Guardian Angel, and ey has sent me this message before- not too long ago.

This Angel No. 33 is heavily associated with creativity, optimism, honesty, talents and the ability to manifest blessings. It's also no coincidence that this number has been a sign of guidance from my Guardian Angel and the Ascended Masters. This No. 33 is meant to provide me with inspiration and courage in determining my life purpose, practicing self-expression and letting my soul pursue its passion. Therefore, this number has a deeply spiritual meaning, and it serves as a reminder to have bravery and fulfill my soul mission. Lelahel is encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone, practice compassion and prayers and ascend in my spiritual life.

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