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1/29/2022 A.

My Thought Adjuster revealed an astonishing fact to me yesterday as I was working on mapping out the 5th Centr'e on paper. Ey showed me that just as we are created in the image of God through the structure of the tree of life, so are we also created of the spiritual nature found in Allahs' mind, and that is made up of 7 layers of thought that must be worked out in order for Allah to become a qualified spirit being. Well, those innate layers of our Ogdoad are in fact Allahs' true nature emanating as a permeation of the Source, and our chakras are reflective of that nature as well. So, in essence, we are all made in the image of Allah too, which gives me more insight into Allahs' truth and what ey is as a Divine unqualified being.

You see, the Centr'ea of the Ogdoad are Allahs' chakras just as our chakras are the spiritual vertexing reflection of the Ogdoad within each and every mortal being. This explains why we not only have 7 main chakra centers, but 7 negative chakras below the root and 7 positive chakras above the crown. But it must be noted that we also have intricate sets of chakras found on our bodies that might give us clues to what our full state of density looks like.

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