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12/20/2021 A.

Gabriel No. 300= indicates that God and the spirit beings around me support, protect and unconditionally love me now and forever, but they are asking me to use my natural creativity and my communication faculty to teach, elevate and enlighten others. The strong and clear connection I have with the spirit world permits me to communicate and receive help from Angelic advice when I want, so this message encourages me to accept and develop my gifts and spiritual capacities and I should employ it in order to ameliorate my life and that of others.

Gabriel says it is time for me to listen and follow my intuitive messages and angelic advice. It's also time for me to take real measures towards the aims I want to achieve in life, as this is the moment I need to start using my magnified gifts and capacities by sharing these treasures with the world.

This angelic number 300 is both powerful and capital so it will draw my attention. it sends me the vibration of number 3 and twice the energy of number 0, which ends up amplifying and magnifying its own influence as well as that of the number 3. The No. 3 refer to enthusiasm, self-expression, communication, creativity, inspiration, growth, manifestation and realization in this sequence. However, this particular angelic number also includes spiritual incentive to help me stay focused on the divine spark in myself and others while giving me the strength to manifest my desires. as such, the double 0's are primarily concerned with my spiritual aspects of development like the start of my spiritual journey, and this will be done by notifying me of the uncertainties that will ensue. Therefore, I must be listening to my higher self and my intuition to catch these responses. This is because the No. 0 vibrates with the energy of infinity, integrity, the continuous flow of cycles, unicity, eternity, the strength of God and the universal energy necessary to start points.

This indicates that Gabriel wants me to set up my website and start a blog about my communications with divine beings and the ideas they give me, so here is where I'll begin.

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