12/22/2021 A.

Israfil No. 111= is a message telling me to embrace what makes me different and express the wholeness of my true self. the evolution of who I am is the result of what I have become and who I'm continuing to be. I am constantly changing as I walk the spiral path, but most importantly is the answer to the question of " who am I," as this is changing too.

Because there isn't anything that may remain stagnant in this universe, everything is always in perpetual motion and moving forward through time, so there is something within my very being that is nudging me towards my desire or purpose, and this is the inspiration in my life.

You see, when we begin to realize that when we work hard for something and we don't care about it, we end up feel stressed. But when we work hard for something we love, we end up feeling impassioned. when we start to direct our energy into something we're deeply passionate about, we gradually realize that our outer appearance is not who we really are, and this is all part of my awakening! I'm waking up to my true nature and accepting my true identity as a child of the Creator. And like a flame bursting from a fiery sun, I am an individual spark from the absonite Source of all creation. Therefore, I began to act as a companion with this Creator in order to co-create a better future for all. I have also accepted that the Creator of every kind is within me, and I have begun to see that everything that was ever created is actually the absonite Source Creator wearing a disguise at each and every layer of our existence.

Just like a puzzle piece, I have a one-of-a-kind place to fill in the grand scheme of all existence. Israfil says that I was specially created to be different, specifically for the individual growth experience I can offer within this universe, so I should trust that everything will fit together; and everything will work together as a whole in the master plan for my life purpose.

Above all else, I need to understand that I will have so much positive energy created within me when I serve something greater than myself, and as such, nothing will be impossible. with my specific talents, I'm meant to impact the world, so I need to be true to myself because this is the greatest gift I can give to the world. and when I finally understand my true self with awakened eyes, this is when I'll realize that I have compete freedom- the freedom to live in my own light, the freedom to make my own choices and the freedom to be uniquely me!


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