2/1/2022 A.

Ascended Masters No. 33= As we begin the Chinese New Year of the water tiger, the Ascended Masters are sending me a sign that I can expect great changes in my life soon.

They are telling me that this number is both the most influential and the most selfless of all the numbers, as it has an energy that is associated with selfless acts of service that are done with high regard, cheerfulness and joy. This number is considered a master number and it carries an energy similar to teachers who would work in a state of love and compassion. People who are influenced by the No. 33 are often religious workers or spiritual teachers who are driven to learn and creatively pass on their learning to others selflessly. These individuals want to empower others and bring their spiritual teachings to those they love. Therefore, this number is associated with the meaning that I have a spiritual purpose for which I need to grow. The Ascended Masters are trying to speak to me and tell me that my experiences and recent events are building a foundation that I can use to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. As this number symbolizes growth and abundance in this message, I can become more than what I once was and still have plenty to give unto others this lunar year.

It's also interesting that I saw a picture of four pillars-two on each side- around an archway leading into a courtyard at the same time I spotted this angel number.

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