2/11/2022 A.

Descended Master soulmate No. 11/11= The number eleven is highly spiritual, so I should pay special attention to it. No. 11 consists of the number one appearing twice and it's commonly understood that this angel number is a symbol of new beginnings and opportunities that are going to appear in front of an individual.

This message is considered to be a symbol of high energy, intuition, enthusiasm and creative energy. If my Descended Master soulmate sent me this number, it means that I should think more about my life purpose and use my creative energy. I should also let my intuition guide me on my life path, and ey is reminding me that it's time for a spiritual awakening. As such, I need to pay more attention to my thoughts and ideas, and I should try to be more optimistic. My D.M. soulmate will help me achieve my goals, but I have to practice positive affirmation. It's also important for me to have faith in myself and my abilities.

That being said, ey understands that I need to work with other people because it will help me become their leader, and as such, I'll have to become an example for others and motivate them with my ideas & beliefs.

Another reason my D.M. soulmate is sending me this No. 11 is that I have to eliminate all negative people and thoughts from my life. I should not have unnecessary people in my life, but I should focus on the right people and things. Ey asks me to try and surround myself with positive people and thoughts, because they will have a positive impact on my life.

I think ey is telling me that I don't want all my soul family members in my life, simply because some of them aren't going to be good for me as I reach for my soul mission, as they aren't ready to take that step yet.

Since No. 11 is my hearts' desire number, my mission in life is to help other people and serve humanity. It's also believed that people with this number have big dreams and even bigger goals in life. They are hardworking and very creative, and the fact that I'm guided by No. 11 in this lifetime also indicates that I'm a great observer and a person who loves animals.

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