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2/19/2023 A

Hathor No. 440= This No. 440 from the mistress of the west is a message for me to get in touch with my spiritual side. While all may seem normal around me, it takes forces far greater to highlight any impending uncertainties. Therefore, she asks me to communicate with my inner being, because therein lies all my answers.

Love is the greatest gift of all the gifts God gave to humankind. As such, I should appreciate the people in my life that love me and want the best for me. With that said, I need to love others as I love myself. I should also be grateful for my blessings and use them to make the world a better place. As I elevate my life, I shouldn't leave other people behind.

Hathor wants me to always show love to the people that do not mean well towards me. Don't exchange hate for hate with these individuals. Instead, I should show Haters that I love them and appreciate their presence in my life because they teach me important life lessons. Even so, I should try to surround myself with amicable friends at all times.

This No. 440 has the vibration of the source No. 4 and the digit zero. The No. 4 defines a disciplined responsibility I have and a systematic order to things that I need to learn. It also relates to the Archangels and a passion to exercise patience. Therefore, it will require diligence on my part to succeed in the goals I'm aiming to accomplish.

The No. 0 in this sequence aligns itself with the powers and forces of God. As such, it's believed to be a never-ending cycle for all eternity, and this is the point where it all begins. With that said, the No. 44 in this sequence is a protection number as I go through this never-ending cycle.

Longevity is associated with this No. 440, and it signifies that I'll be of great influence on the people in my life. This will go on for a long time to come. Hurdles will always be present, but the strong-willed at heart will get their rewards. Even so, Hathor is telling me that this process will go on-and-on!

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