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2/2/2023 B

Zeus No. 1110= This message was sent to me as I started writing my paper on Jupiter in Libra. In my astrological natal chart, I have the planet Jupiter in the sign of Libra. the planet Jupiter is associated with the deity Zeus, and he was worshipped as the God of thunder and the sky by the ancient Greeks. He rules as King of the deities on Mount Olympus and wields a lightning bolt in his right hand as a symbol of power.

This No. 1110 consists of a No. 11 message and a No. 10 message. The No. 11 in this sequence symbolizes that I'll soon turn more towards both my spiritual side and towards an inner calling in my life. I'll realize that there are more important things for me to focus on. And by clearing my mind, I'll be able to achieve more in life. Zeus wants me to know that God may be reaching out to me by sending Angels to guide and open doors I may not have noticed. Therefore, it's essential for me to keep a keen eye open and focus on the task at hand.

Enlightenment is one of the main meanings of this No. 11, and Zeus is reaching out to me in order to make me understand that I can now start moving forward towards my calling. Most of the time, I'll probably think something is too hard or even impossible, but Zeus wants to tell me that I can overcome them if I put my mind to them! I need to have confidence in what I can do and pay attention to the hints, which will lead me to a more comfortable life. He asks me to open my eyes and handle any problems I might encounter. After that, I can focus on more critical tasks.

The No. 10 in this sequence is a symbol of self-awareness and spiritual awakening in my life. Once I understand more about myself and establish the belief in who I am and what I can do, more opportunities will start to manifest. This No. 10 is a sign that I need to know that I'm far better than I think, and that I may have a brighter future than I expected to have. Zeus says I just need to trust myself and have some faith in the guidance from God.

No. 1 is the source number here, and it's one of the purest forms of energy that can appear in our reality. It indicates a time when I'll be setting out for a particular goal. My creativity and determination are on the right track, and that feeling of confidence I have right now is an assurance that I can reach my goals as soon as I'm confronted with them. He is talking about the fact that I can just sit down and extract the solution to my papers without any hesitations. Having the No. 1 repeat itself just indicates a higher Level of mastery in this regard.

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