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2/20/2022 A.

Mehiel No. 707= Curiosity, tenacity, humility, harmony, personal independence and living in harmony with the seasonal cycles are all themes related to the love message here, and it has to do with my new soulmate.

Deep down, I have always known what was best for me, but life has taught me through many experiences not to trust my instincts about people. Mehiel is telling me to stop letting my fears hold me back, and instead, learn to differentiate between my doubts and my intuitions. It's very important to be able to trust those around us because we are all connected, so knowing the right time to only rely on myself will bring me excellent rewards in love!

Just like the message Lelahel gave me yesterday, No. 707 is a sign that changes are on the way that will force me to look more closely at my current situation or life path. It encourages me to find the answers within myself first because only then can I understand the true meaning of life and how it fits into my greater purpose. As such, Mehiel simply asks me to let my intuition guide me.

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