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2/21/2023 A

Vehuiah No. 11111= I was enjoying a game of Civilization 6 on my computer this evening, and this Angel contacted me for the first time when I transitioned from a dark industrial age into a golden age in the game.

Vehuiah means: "God who is higher than all creatures." Ey is the first of the 72 guardian Angels, and for that reason, ey embodies the will of the Divine and can fill us with the primordial fire of creation (Note that I was having a hot flash before writing this article and I had to drank 3 glasses of water). Vehuiah has a feminine energy and guards those born between 0 and 5 degrees of Aries (March 21st through the 25th). In the Angelic hierarchy, ey is a Seraph working through the Sephirah of Kether, so hir governing Archangel is Metatron. Hir planetary energy works through Neptune/Uranus in our Solar System and ey represents the element of fire.

Vehuiah symbolizes the capacity for transformation, so ey offers a great force of will in the areas of creation and ones' ability to begin. The vibration of this Angel aligns with the Carnelian Stone and hir colors are magenta/pink. Of the seven deadly sins, Vehuiah is thought to rule over the actual power of sin.

With that said, Vehuiah guides us towards taking on groundbreaking work or projects which have never been done before. When this Angel contacts someone out of hir district, it usually means they're a model of leadership and will become a role model for those around them. Ey also helps them escape from confusing situations or ones which they have become trapped by. In so doing, Vehuiah bestows a powerful energy upon the individual that gives them healing abilities over physical ailments and feelings of malaise, but mostly depression by filling them with passion, confidence, courage, audacity and bravery. As such, the Angel Vehuiah allows us to grasp our true worth, yet also the worth of other souls who cross ones' life path, but ey help us in our relationship with ourselves and how we'll relate to the world around us as well.

Vehuiah will provide us with great skills of concentration, which in turn will allow us to focus on our objective in order to achieve it. In so doing, ey helps induce the changes necessary to help us succeed. Ey helps those worthy to channel their desire for the purpose of imposing their will on others, and this leads to a tendency of tampering with destiny itself (Is it a coincidence that my next tier of study is about destiny?). This is a serious situation to be in, so ey helps us avoid becoming stubborn, pig-headed and domineering in our relationships with others. Vehuiah protects us from anger and irritation as well, and hir intervention is invaluable in helping us avoid launching into things which are bound to fail by keeping us from jumping headfirst into passions that are dangerous for our life balance. Ey also prevents us from reacting to things excessively or violently. This is because Vehuiah is careful to protect the stability of the family and friends around the individual throughout this process of transformation.

No matter what goals I'm attempting to attain, Vehuiah says I'll be met with problems, which is perfectly normal. Seeing this No. 11111 in this situation is a great indicator of what I can expect to happen when I make my transition into the last phase of my life, and Vehuiah says I'll enjoy complete support to progress like I did in the game after I befriended the other nations. However, this doesn't mean I can just kick back and do nothing; I still have to do hard work in order to progress. This Angel is guiding my spirit by assisting me in attaining my dreams or goals through this virtual experience first.

This No. 11111 is intended for the creator who is querying about their own works as well. Therefore, Vehuiah is introducing the primordial creative fire through this Angel No. 11111 in order to imply that it's the Divine will that I keep creating my work simply because I'm on the right path.

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