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2/7/2023 A

Pahaliah No. 5555= In numerology, the repeating No. 5 is a potent sign that change is imminent. About time, right?

The No.5 represents change. It brings to light the illusion of stability and encourages us to embrace variety and difference in our lives. Since I saw the No. 5 repeating this morning, I'm being encouraged to ask myself if life wants to manifest differently around me.

You see, several things in my life are either breaking down or becoming obsolete, so Pahaliah wants me to ask, does it want to shape itself into a new form? Is it trying to change? The No. 5 often appears as an illuminating figure that highlights the fact that we're gripping too tightly onto our old ways, habits and parts of life that no longer serve us.

It's usually a lot less threatening and easier to hold onto the comfortable and familiar- Yet uninspiring, old life- than to go through the mess of tearing it down and breaking it up. Even though, it's actually a vital part of making way for that shiny, ideal and SOOO much more aligned, brave new one!

Dreams, intentions and the sowing of seeds are all great ways to spend my time, but to actually allow the ripples of change to rise up through reality, I need to actually and practically start doing new things and doing them differently. The energy of this source No.5 is flexible, open and adventurous, so seeing the No. 5555 in my Lifes' routine brings the encouragement from my emotion guardian Angel to embody these principles so I can surrender to the unknown.

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