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3/1/2022 A.

Gabriel No. 300= The movie titled "300" was a fictionalized account of the Battle of Thermopylae, but the historic battle, which took place over land and sea in 480 B.C., did pit a Greek force of a relatively few against the mighty Persian empire.

The Greeks that were on land were able to hold off the Persians for seven days. However, their remaining forces consisting of roughly 1,400 men was decimated soon after.

More than 650 years earlier, we find that the original battle of the 300 took place in the great battlefield of Palestine known as "The valley of Jezreel." It was here that Gideon, who was called by God to free the Israelites from oppression fought against the Midianites and was victorious!

How awesome was Gideons' victory? Modern research states that the Greeks at Thermopylae had an army which totaled 7,000 men, while the Persians fielded 300,000 at the most. This means that the Greeks had a force 43 times smaller than the Persians. That was an impressive feat, but Gideon, army of 300 men went up against a 135,000 strong Midian led army that was 450 times bigger than it was and still won the war

(Judges 8:10,28)!

The No. 300 here indicates Divine Deliverance; supernatural deliverance that is absolute, and it teaches me that such Divine Deliverance is always victorious in conflicts.

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