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3/4/2022 A.

Yehuyah No. 224= is asking me to become a team player, but to learn to work on my own as well. As such, I shouldn't procrastinate about achieving my dreams, and I need to develop more of a sense of urgency about them.

Yehuyah is also asking me to be open to changes, because this is what will give me the life I desire. Ey tells me to keep my life organized in the process so that I'll have more time to spend on the people I love (soul family) and on my passion projects. You see, it's easier to envision the future if there's no clutter in ones' life.

The No. 224 is being sent to me because I'm feeling alone and left out of life, and this effect is doubled according to Yehuyah, which is evidently inherent in the doublet twos found in this Angel number, but all is not lost. Due to this same aspect, the effects of duty and balance are also doubled, and I can use these qualities to confront the dark forces of isolation and pierce them with the sharp arrows of focus.

The No. 4 found in the Angel No. 224 sequence adds even more value to this particular benefit. Across all cultures, the No. 4 is associated with determination, focus and practicality. these qualities can help reinforce my resolve to cast away any dark clouds from my spirit.

Here, I will find that No. 224 is a particularly strong number when it comes to love. Through this number, the Divine reinforces my ability to be affectionate towards those who are near and dear to my heart. I need to understand that insecurity is a part of love and relationships. So, if I'm feeling a sense of growing insecurity and Angel No. 224 has entered my life, it could be an indication that I will find my new soulmate soon and that I should not give up hope!

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