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4/10/2022 A.

Seheiah No. 226= is all about finding and maintaining peace, balance and harmony. As such, ey emphasizes the importance of enhancing the stability in my relationship with my soulmate.

To do this, Seheiah advises me to deal with issues head-on, so in other words, I'll need to nip problems in the bud before they get too big and troublesome. In such times, I shouldn't let my ego, or a power struggle stagnate the growth of our relationship.

Seheiah also urges me to work together with this special person in order to find amicable solutions to problems. The two of us must open all channels of communications and express our feelings, thoughts and emotions freely to each other. Most importantly, ey tells me not to keep secrets in this relationship. At the same time, I need to respond to the kindness of my soulmate by showing hir more love!

Seheiah implores me to have complete faith and trust in the divine plan and path laid out by the higher powers. I need to continue serving my soul mission and my divine life purpose to the best of my abilities.

Remember the universal law, "The more we give, the more we receive." If I treat Gods' subjects with love, care and support, the divine realm, in turn, will take care of my monetary needs and financial aspects. So, I should keep having positive vibes- even during difficult conditions. In fact, I need to have a cooperative and diplomatic personality when I deal with everyone. Strive to maintain a harmonious and peaceful relationship with them if I intend to inspire them to do the same. Know this, only the Peacemakers of this world reap the spiritual and emotional rewards of trust, love and companionship!

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