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4/11/2022 A.

Yehuyah No. 355= Before I wrote the blog 3/14/2022 A. this morning, I received this symbol calling on me to make decisions aligned with this theme.

You see, the power of No. 355 is enhanced by two factors. The first is the attributes of the No. 3, and by its own right, this number has a lot of influence here.

The second is the double occurrence of the number 5. This number has a close connection to my personal and business relationships, which also connects it to message 3/14/2022 A.

and message 2/22/2022 A.

As such, the combined power of the No. 3 and No. 55 factors is immense in this ongoing theme. It gives me the ability to put the needs of my future family and those of my community, ahead of my own.

By sending this number my way, Yehuyah wants me to understand that my choices have consequences. What I do today will affect not only my future family, but also that of my family members in general. This means that I need to deliberate carefully before I make any moves. But this does not mean that I should curtail choosing my freedom. Yehuyah tells me to go ahead and enjoy my life!

The Angels want me to enjoy my freedom, and this is the key message contained in this No. 355 symbol. I can infuse excitement into my life by having fresh experiences, so I should think about doing something like taking part in activates, taking a trip to an exciting place or buying a gift for myself. In other words, Yehuyah wants me to live my life free of regrets at this time.

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