4/11/2022 AB.

My Thought Adjuster wanted to expand on the 4/11/2022 A. concept, and why it is important today.

Things will seem simpler today for most people, so if we put our energy into those areas of our life that feel good to us and let go of the struggles of what does not, this Monday can feel sublime.

There are difficult moments that every friendship, career or romantic relationship will go through, but there is a significant difference between a moment of growth and a life of struggle.

Many of the astrological themes this Monday are about releasing the idea that we must continually work for something to be or feel good. Instead of thinking this way, I need to realize it's more about understanding the difference between always being in that mode of struggle in life versus one where I allow myself to receive what it is I truly need!

As I approach the celestial embrace of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction occurring tomorrow, there seems to be more attention being focused on the flow of things- regardless of how much time and energy I've put into something. This isn't about the ease of it so much as releasing the idea that for something to be good, I need to constantly be working at it.

My Thought Adjuster wants me to realize that I deserve to have in this life a relationship that brings more joy into my life than chaos, but I must also understand how my worthiness plays a part in all this.

That said, today, the Moon in Leo crosses paths with Uranus, the Sun and Saturn, which will all together emphasize these lessons and help me to truly tap into my belief in the idea of something too good to be true actually being what it is I deserve. As such, there is an important connection between Saturn and my North Node happening today, which will bring my lessons and fate under the microscope.

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