4/18/2022 A.

Lelahel No. 77= Love represents a variety of feelings, states and attitudes that span from interpersonal relationships like the love for ones' mother, father, siblings, etc... to satisfactions like loving a color, place, book, etc... Love can also be a virtue that represents human kindness, compassion and attachment.

The ancient Greeks identified four forms of love:

-First, we have "storge," which is about the interpersonal familiarity relations mentioned above, such as the love of a parent for a child.

-Secondly, we have the love for friends and equals, which is called "philia."

-Next is the sexual and romantic desires of erotic and passionate love called "eros."

-Lastly, we have "agape, which is a divine love, or the love God has for mankind and that which we can have for higher beings like God.

Those who are influenced by the No. 77 in their life are blessed by having an opportunity to experience all four of these types of love, and I'm lucky enough to have Saturn as my planetary lord, which governs the aspects of No, 77 in our solar system. This blessing is so rare, it's exclusively attached to those influenced by the number 77. Of course, one of the ultimate and most sublime types of love in life is romantic love, and Lelahel is telling me that it is one of the true paths to the Divine and universal love of "agape."

(Received No. 77 message again). People who are influenced by No. 77 become loving, broad-minded and very desirable partners. They choose their partners with the help of their intuition, which helps them find the right match at first sight. Amazingly, they aren't calculated when it comes to their love choices, so they accept their partner for what they are and for who they are; flaws and all.

You see, love for a No. 77 type isn't just a common, everyday life event, it's much more than that. Therefore, they often get involved with characters who aren't compatible with them. This can create a one-sided relationship that they can be taken advantage of through, or they can end up forgetting about the other aspects of their life; simply neglecting themselves. As such, Lelahel is saying that it's not beneficial for me to always put my emotions above the material needs and interests in my life.

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