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4/21/2022 B.

Israfil No. 1212= wants me to know that I'm on the right track. I should Believe in my dreams and have faith that I can make them come true.

You see, Angel No. 1212 represents my awakening and spiritual growth. Israfil says that all of a sudden, things will start to make sense and I'll be able to see the world without my rose-colored glasses on.

This renewed sense of being can build my character and strengthen my desire to make my dreams manifest. Therefore, Israfil is asking me to carry on with this positive frame of mind, as it will continue to take me in the right direction. All I need to do is trust and let go.

Let go of my fears and doubts, because I won't need them in my journey towards my best possible life. I can achieve this feat with just a positive outlook and a willingness to change my bad habits. add some initiative to the mix, and I have myself a recipe for success.

I need to understand that I'm the most important character in this story. So, only I have the power to unlock my best possible future. But, more than that, I should consider myself lucky because I still have the most powerful kind of help available. The Angels will always be around until I fulfill my life purpose.

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