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4/4/2022 A.

Rochel No. 222= This message says that I need to concentrate my efforts on three major fronts in the coming days and weeks- balance within my being, love within my relationships and growth towards my future.

The No. 2, repeated three times, is associated with balance. It represents our qualities of dualities such as courage and caution, self-care and selflessness, spiritual and physical aspects and our need to balance them in order to attain inner peace.

No. 222 is associated with Venus, the planet of love and abundance. It calls our mind to the power of love latent in relationships and the nourishing effects love has on us as we pursue our goals and ambitions.

Finally, this is associated with the spiritual and physical aspects of the Master Builder (No.22), which is intended to remind me that the power to create my destiny is within me, as my powers of manifestation through intent and positive thought allows me to shape my future during this period.

That being said, meditation and creative efforts are brilliant ways to nourish the higher self. These allow us to inhabit our consciousness fully while immersing ourselves in the experience of being human if it's done right. But then again, there is a balance to be struck here. We can sometimes spend so long contemplating the mysteries of existence that we forget to live in our own reality. You see, the intent is only half the battle- we also need actions to see our intentions become manifested. A true manifestation of the Divine requires the balance found between our higher self and physical self, and it's most clearly seen in our metal wellbeing, and how we feel emotionally is a direct measure of our balanced state between these two aspects.

A lot of emphasis is put on peoples' mental health, which is a good thing. However, many people think of metal health as being the same thing as our physical health, yet it is far more complicated. No pill or form of therapy can magically fix our mental health problems. This is because the real cure lies in finding that balance between the physical and ones' higher self. So, if there's any message I need to take from my synchronicity with this Angel No. 222, it's that I should attain balance in order to achieve inner peace.

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