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4/6/2022 A.

Ascended Masters No. 55= The third major front Rochel wants me to concentrate my efforts on in the coming weeks (see message 4/4/2022 A.) is the growth within my future.

As a multiple of Master No. 11, this Angel No. 55 is considered a Power Number, which means that it carries a higher frequency vibration than other two-digit numbers. So, as a Power Number, 55 is the number of independence, freedom and self-determination.

When this Power vibration starts operating in our life, it means that we should be more forward-looking and focus our mind on learning new things.

The Ascended masters are telling me that I'm about to see opportunities all around me. As such, I'm being encouraged to take the chance on these opportunities, because this will be a great time for growth and change in my life.

I'm likely to establish a variety of new social and romantic relationships during this time. A business proposal may also occur, A new job position could be offered to me in another department, field or even another city, I might have the opportunity to take a trip to one of my bucket list destinations or simply receive a coffee invitation with that special person I like so much.

The point is that every moment will hold the potential for an opportunity to explore and enjoy my life. This is what the Ascended Masters want me to understand. Therefore, I need to let go of my fears and doubts, and accept all the amazing experiences that will become available around me!

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