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7/12/2019 A.

While the sephirah of Tiphareth or Christ is subconsciously exercised as compassion for God and mankinds' need to express free will by loving one another in order to achieve unity, it is still just a means to an end and not the ultimate goal.

You see, once we achieve unity of ourselves instead of just through our interactions with others, we can self-trinitize as our focus will turn to unifying ourselves with Gods' nature by way of Paradise Gravity and the will of the One who has no name, or our own need to become Holy resulting in the loss of our own free will of mind or the lower-self (Soul) in order to better align ourselves with the Higher-self (Pleroma) of our true nature. This is often what happens to a minor extent during a mid-life crisis. We end up denying our nature in order to fit into a dysfunctional society by indulging the restraint of that which obstructs that part of us that is true for so long and to such a degree, that we end up losing control of the only thing we can identify with as ourselves, and this results in a magnification of the Devil within us- which isn't a Whole or Holy expression of us in our environment at all, but merely a characteristic expressing its karmic imbalances that have become present in our nature dew to circumstances such as an ego trip.

Only when we learn to work through these issues by understanding and meeting their needs, can we Transend such Demons and embrace our Angels. this allows us to become beacons of light in this world, instead of instruments of darkness. In essence, this is turning spiritual lead into gold and silver because it is the will of God that we do so.

Such is the reason Christ was sent out into the cosmos with the word of God, or on a more basic level of reflection, the One who has no name sent forth Melchizedek with his will to multiply spirit in existence.

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