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7/6/2019 A.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Jesus Christ was passionate about doing the right and just thing- as a proper Jew should-and I tried to do the same. The fact that he refrained from hurting others, did not deter him from acting like a zealot in his everyday affairs. You see, uncompromising people are easy to admire simply because they show us a way. And when that way is the right way, no force under heaven can stop the evangelists' progression except perhaps death, but death is just a transition into a corrected form of being and the mind can still play its part through martyrdom.

Compromising ones' principles makes us subservient to mediocracy, which in turn instills a sense of spirit in us likened to the living dead Christ speaks about. Living just to live is not a means to an end, but a curse on the living. and making a family work by compromising ones' morals and principles is not the same as trying to make a family work. Arrogance is no substitute for confidence when it comes to doing the right thing, because the former is merely a lie, and the latter is based on a perceived truth. And only by being truthful, can we know ourselves in order to find our way back to paradise beyond the silver shores.

Most people think that living well is the best revenge but revenge itself is merely the negative aspect of justice. Instead, we should say to ourselves that living justly is the key to living well. This doesn't always result in a healthy body do to the fact that being right in a world of sin is not the same thing as exercising a Righteous spirit, but only by having a righteous spirit can we progress towards spirithood.

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