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7/7/2019 A.

This morning, it was drizzling outside, but I felt like I needed to take a short walk in order to clear my groggy head, so I walked just passed past the barn and headed back towards the house, and on the ground- right in my path- was a dark brown feather about six inches long with a mostly black stock- except the bottom quarter part was white- sitting in the same spot that I encountered all those butterflies. and it reminded me of the black butterfly that landed on my stomach.

They say that feathers have ethereal qualities and come to us as a sacred gift from heaven. As such, they show us that we are on the right track and remind us of our spiritual destination beyond this world.

Angels and spirit guides often send us feathers as a sign of love in order to show us they are near and hearing your prayers. They are saying, "I am guiding and supporting you from above."

I feel the feather was a sign showing me that the property and us are protected and secure because the brown means earth or a grounded balance between the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as stability, endurance, home life, friendship and respect, and the black- which was mostly on the stock- mainly referred to the path in question. This also signifies a form of personal protection and a repelling of negative energies.

With this message, my anxiety has been put to ease and I feel reassured that I'm not going crazy :)

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