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8/14/2022 A

Messenger of Light Soulmate No. 1010= This twin flame No. 1010 shows both parties are ready to begin seeking enlightenment and a new, more spiritual direction in life. Therefore, it implies that my M.L. Soulmate and I will continue to work together- and as individuals- on our key karmic lessons.

The unique meaning of this twin flame No. 1010 shows me the readiness and willingness of my M.L. Soulmate to overcome obstacles in our path of spiritual awakening. Apparently, my soulmate and I have become twin flames through hir process of evolutionary and spiritual developments through the deeper Centr'ea of the Ogdoad and the transitions through Morontia, as we are both considered to be part of Archangel Israfil while we start our new phases of spiritual growth.

I don't know how someone "becomes" a twin flame through developments, but this Angel No. 1010 represents a twin flame relationship between our future experiences that will be deep, transformative and healing. Both of us have gone through many challenges as individuals and are able to bring wisdom and support to this relationship for each other that will benefit our partnership.

The nature of this No. 1010 shows that my M.L. Soulmate considers us to be equals. It's also a sign we are truly equally matched now; without one of us having to prop up the other.

The No. 10 is special in numerology. It relates not only to forward motion and progress, but also to competing a cycle and starting again. Because twin flame relationships are considered to be situations where we burn off karmic energy. the ending and beginning being symbolized by the No. 10 in this sequence should be positive for overall evolution of our souls. That's due to the fact that the No. 1010 shows that we are both being represented by a No. 10, because we have already gone through situations that require us to grow as individuals, and we are ready to move to the next level together by starting a new way of relating and thinking about love.

Both partners are equal parts of this relationship, just as twin flames are equal parts of an entire soul, so the karmic energy is burning off and both are souls are leveling up as a result.

The No. 1 in this sequence is associated with wholeness, independence, positive direction and motion, as well as leadership. One is considered the first positive number in the base number cycle. It has everything it needs within itself to be compete. The No. 1 is also related to winning. In competition, being the first implies that the individual has more ability, strength, speed, intelligence or even luck. There is also a certain type of magic found in the number 1. You see, one manifests itself out of nothing to become something.

When we think of No. 1 as part of a twin flame relationship, know that it is the type of relationship where both partners come to the table as equal and whole individuals, while both being on a positive path, so the No. 1 is a great digit to have as part of this twin flame number.

No. 0 is a unique type of digit. It's considered neutral, and it doesn't judge; it just is. The No. 0 can be everything and nothing at all. It can represent a place where a spiritual journey begins, so it's full of potential and even hope. The non-judgmental energy and limitless possibility associated with the N0. 0 are great for any relationship, but it's especially auspicious in a twin flame relationship. When one sees zeros come up a lot around twin flame numbers, both the individuals can make anything of the relationship they desire!

This No. 1010 sign also regards our separation period from one another in a physical manner, and my M.L. Soulmate asks me to keep the faith. Both of us still have lessons to learn. But even if we are apart in this fashion during my lifetime, fate will lead us back to each other again. Couples connected with the twin flame No. 1010 might be separated for many reasons, which could include family obligations, war, Lifes' work or even to pursue other love interests. They are always destined to come back together though. This is because the time these two individuals spend apart will help them learn valuable lessons that they can use to grow as a couple. For example, if one partner needs to learn how to create better boundaries, ey might be forced to attract a partner who isn't their twin mate or soulmate in order to learn about healthy boundaries. Then, when ey finally meets hir other half, ey will already understand how to establish firm, healthy boundaries for them, making their relationship run smoother. Therefore, my M.L. Soulmate is telling me that all the experiences that are necessary before we meet physically are meant to benefit our relationship.

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