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The moon mansions as hallways

When I wrote about the moon mansions, I changed the mansions into hallways, and I'd like to clarify my reason for doing so. This is a constellation system that was considered to be the equivalent of the zodiacal constellations in western astrology, but the 28 mansions reflect the movement of the moon through a sideral month rather than the sun in a tropical year, which means that a lunar month is closer related to a solar month than the stages the moon passes through in each given lunar month. Each zodiac sign is associated with a house, so it stands to reason that each lunar month should be associated with a mansion with hallways the moon passes through.

This may seem very distinctive, but there is a bond between the stages the moon passes through and our destinies, that has been largely ignored. You see, the mansions (hallways) impose a monstrous objective effect on us through the reflections of the moon as it passes through them, and these set the stage for our subjective destinies, which are tied to the zodiac. I see this in my minds' eye as hallways of creation that lead to doors of perception.

The moons' cycle has been used by many cultures, but the Sufi scheme of creation has a good understanding of its divine connections. When we understand how the atmosphere influences our role in any given situation, we can interpret the outcome, so the 7 sacred planets we associate with the days of each week also play a dynamic role in relation to our level of consciousness, and this is the foundation of my Time Arcana in the Ring Deck.

These concepts are often used in astrology charts these days, but I've found them to be an indispensable divination tool as well. If we're going to try to figure out what the Divine is trying to say and do in our reality, knowing the archetypes it works with definitely helps, and the dualistic nature of light and dark exist in every aspect of the Ogdoad, so the nature of the lunar cycles and stages are far more universal than just our own moon cycles and the stages it passes through, which paganism calls the Triple Goddess.

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