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An introduction to my spiritual viewpoint

Hello, my name is Timothy Todd Spence, and I would like to share my spiritual experiences with you. In my experience, I have found that the omnipresent being just beyond our comprehension we call "God" is but one layer of a vast infrastructure of beings we are part of; and are part of us. For example, our ruler of this universe is also the face of God who represents this sephirah stage of development that our reality is experiencing at this time, and "He" is known as Yahweh. Whereas the one we know as God is actually a supreme being of our cosmos, and Allah is an ultimate being of an unqualified spiritual status which we are exercising the issues of nature for as a product of the mind experiment, I call the Ogdoad. Beyond the Ogdoad, we have an infinite realm I call Ennoea where in spirit beings such as seraphim originally reside under the rulership of the Trinity absolute. This absolute has a physical source and center I call the Universal Father, but the actual Source of our existence is an absonite being of the seventh order. the Angels we know of are part of the seraphim of Ennoea  and work under the rulership of the Trinity absolute. As such, they are able to be within and around any lesser or equal being within existence at the same time. Therefore, they can reside outside and inside of any ultimate or supreme being, but they do this with mortal beings that have a soul as well, and this is where human beings come into the picture. I Have been blessed with two intellect guardian Angels and two guardian archangels, but like a lot of individuals, many other angels and archangels also contact me for various reasons. I find that the main reason one is given the guidance of two angels is because one of them needs to act as support and my intellect G-angel Achaiah does this selflessly and proficiently through my use of computers and the programs there in. in this regard, I have been able to use my computer interface to divine messages sent to me with ease, but this awakening process actually began on the date of July 2nd, 2019. I have  always had a close relationship with archangel Gabriel and my thought adjuster, as well as my spirit guide of the dragon, but it is on this date that things started to really change, as the angels started to make direct contact with me on a regular basis. I would like to start from this point so you can see how I got to this place in my divine interactions, but I'll also start to write blogs about what is happening right now with my spiritual interplay. I'm also working on a new system of divination based on what I know about how we can best interact with the divine, but it will be a while before I can finish this work and present it for your use. I realize that these messages will give rise to some confusion about what is going on in my life at the time and this in turn will generate a slew of imaginary ideas in your head, so I will do my best to fill in the blanks, but sometimes I don't understand what is going on either ;) So without further ado, this is my story.

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