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3/9/2022 A.

Rochel No. 244= This is the first time I've been contacted by this Angel, and Guardian Angel Rochel is the Divine Angel of restitution. Hir name means "God who sees everything," and ey is believed to be a Cherub under the rule of Archangel Gabriel.

Rochel is said to grant mortals what they deserve and ey restores their lost emotions, thoughts and ideas. Ey also has a connection to inheritance and succession, but ey guides those who study history, law, justice and those who have access to the Akashic Records or the Universal Library of Daath.

With Rochels' guidance, we can rediscover our inner self, which is what this message is about, but ey makes sure we are clear of our karmic content as well.

The meaning of No. 244 found here is related to how we see ourselves, so this Divine number focuses on raising my self-esteem in a period of time where I am doubting if I actually want to experience the destiny laid out before me.

Rochel says that I have so much love and light inside me, and it's time for me to recognize my brilliance. The Divine lives within me and I am Divine energy! So, Rochel wants me to move away from my ego and stop overly focusing on my physical state of being. Ey says that this is only a part of me, and I need to find balance within it while looking towards my higher self.

Rochel wants me to remain grounded, but I need to have more belief in myself. Don't doubt whether or not I can achieve something, or whether I'm worthy or not. Because, once I find my true inner light, I will be on track to find my true purpose. The path that is laid out in front of me is urging me to take the right steps forward towards abundance and to focus on the amazing individual I am. Therefore, it's time for the ideas that I have about life to manifest. As such, I should create experiences in my life which will foster the creation of plans for the future. And with these solid goals and a well-adjusted attitude, I can rule the world, which is what frightens the hell out of me!

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