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7/16/2019 A.

All butterfly types are representations of transformation, and spirits use use animals and insects to communicate with us because they are closer to the spirit worlds then we are. this is a general list of butterfly color types and their meanings:

-White butterflies= represent purity and innocence. They remind us of our direct connection to spirit and our ability to recharge our energy with light and peace directly from the Source rather than trying to get energy from other mortal beings.

-Yellow butterflies= are symbols of joy, happiness and creativity. They remind us to have fun and embrace creative playfulness in whatever it is that makes us happy. They can also indicate a new form of life entering ones' reality. This may mean something fun and creative is aligning in your life, or more literally that someone new will soon be entering your life experience.

-Orange butterflies= are symbols of encouragement, excitement and passion. Seeing an orange butterfly is a call to stay positive; to reconnect with joy and follow your own inner bliss with excitement in order to positively transform your life experience.

-Red butterflies= are sent by powerful spirits, and they signify intense forms of romance and sexual passion. They urge us to pay attention to something or be careful about something in our life at that time as well, or they could be telling you to prepare for something that is about to happen.

-Green butterflies= represent prosperity and far attainment such as procuring money or good luck. Encountering a green butterfly can also represent growth or a flourishing development- whether that may mean a flourishing relationship, business or personal hobby.

-Blue butterflies= are symbols of acceptance, honor and great energy. they can also symbolize the passing of time, change and a meaningful purpose in life. Blue butterflies are often wish-granters, so spotting one could mean that a wish one makes or made will come true.

-Purple butterflies= are largely associated with royalty and wealth. seeing one has a profoundly personal meaning which is meant solely for the one who sees it. If someone encounters this rare colored butterfly, then they must look deep within themselves to understand its meaning in their life. Often, it indicates that the individual has been delving into spiritual matters or has taken the path to enlightenment; soon to attain mastery in a particular life pursuit that they have been focused on for some time. Paying special attention to any dreams or visions that occur around the time of this sighting can reveal powerful insights into what it means. The purple butterfly brings us a message that reminds us to be patient and continue to keep the faith, as well as urging us to have courage and trust in oneself no matter what the situation may be.

-Brown butterflies= indicate important news is coming, a new life or fresh start. Sometimes they even bring us extra good luck or a message of a gift to come.

-Black butterflies= are believed to be symbols of transition, renewal or rebirth. The "death" indicated by a black butterfly can also be interpreted as a death of something intangible rather than a person or thing. This could be the end of a relationship, job or even an idea or project. It can also mean that a shift in power is about to occur. It can be a message of a new stronger, yet subtle life is coming after a period of transformation as well.

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