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7/3/19 A.

This is when my story begins.

Yesterday, I was writing, and my neck began to hurt from a backache I had been dealing with for several days, so I decided it would be a good idea to go for a short walk and stretch my muscles. as I was walking towards the barn and noticed out of the corner of my eye that butterflies were fluttering all around me. I know this sounds cliché, but it really happened this way. curious, I stopped on the driveway next to the barn and looked up to see what was going on and found that there was a swarm of butterflies just above me hovering like a cloud of Angels. then a black butterfly with bright blue and greenish yellow dots (depending on the angle of the sun) landed on my arm, then jumped onto my stomach and seemed to turn and look up at my face as it settled into a comfortable spot. Meanwhile, a large yellow and black butterfly with the markings of a monarch, landed on my arm just were the medium sized black one had and made itself comfortable as well. there was one perched on my shoulder too, and I tried to see it, but my neck was too stiff to turn and decipher what color or size it was. I could only determine it was there through a peripheral sense of motion that gave away its nature. all of them were on the left side of my body, then a few minutes pasted by and they all flue back up to the cloud of butterflies above me and the whole group dispersed in all different directions.

I had been seeing a black butterfly hanging around the house for several weeks, and my roommate had been obsessed with butterflies and dragonflies for the last few years, which resulted in our great room becoming decorated with them.

butterflies are believed to deliver guidance and love from the worlds of spirit, and bring water from the material plain we reside in, to the dead. all butterflies carry messages of rebirth, transformation, joy and tap into the miracles of life by accessing the moment of spouting. they also represent the soul, while they act as signs from the spirits.

Black butterflies are an especially potent symbol of transformation such as death and rebirth. they could be a message to let go of ones limited beliefs, negative patterns, habits or the way we relate to others and to the world. If this is the case, there is something I need to let go of and allow to die in order for the transformative power of rebirth to emerge in my life. This last part is the most likely meaning, as the butterfly had bright blue dots signifying beauty and greenish yellow dots signifying joy, happiness and healing. I'm also pretty sure that this encounter has to do with "Shekhinak," because it's showing me it's time to start the last period cycle of my life, which is tied to the number 7 through numerology and my challenge period number is 2. fitting that this event would happen on the date of 7/2/19.

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