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7/4/2019 A.

Working out the karmic issues of our mind through each elemental world gives us the necessary tools to trinitize ourselves and become Shekhinak. Incorporating these elements into our lives constitutes the application of knowledge from or mind into the action of our spirit, which results in an ascension process of transformation. and in the pre-Christian era, this process began with the Essene way of life by exercising the spirit of the earth element known as "Aslyah:" the world of action, through the sephirah of Malkuth.

+-There are three primary types of supernatural beings in our existences:

-Higher: ethereal; Angelic; extradimensional types.

-Central: elemental; interdimensional types.

-Lower: astral; Demonic; extraterrestrial types.

+- And of the four elemental worlds, there are four types of elementals being from the underworlds of our Ogdoad, which we can connect with through the Tree of life known as the Sephiroth:

-Those of the air element called "Sylph," which are closest to humankind in nature.

-Those of the water element called "Undine."

-Those of the fire element called "Salamander."

-Those of the earth element called "Gnome."

For a human being, the elemental type concerns the proper use of the recourses contained in the Sephiroth- the balance of which according to ones' own needs- reveals the keystone to their ascension, and as a result, ones' karma becomes resolved though the proceeding process. Ignoring ones' own karmic issues and trying to move passed them without resolution will make it so you will have to go through the process again in some other time, place or even in another lifetime. Avoiding other peoples' karmic debt is different though. this constitutes a lack of love and a choice to not get involved, thus allowing us to let go and move on. The indulgence in carnal pursuits creates karma, which in turn makes an imbalance of matter and instigates the need to start over in a new cycle of life lessons. But if we resolve our karmic issues and pass through our initiation, the process of rebirth begins to unfold like a multi-peddled flower in bloom. this process can be best understood by the mystical metamorphosis the butterfly goes though in order to transform itself from a caterpillar into a flying marvel of beauty and elegance by hibernating for a period of time in it cocoon. The same could be said about taking a sabbatical, so for me, the metaphor of the butterfly means a process of transcendence to spirithood.

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