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7/4/2019 B.

Well, now I know what that black butterfly was about!

On the fourth of July, my brother Troy, his son Brandon and his wife Maria, came up to the ranch in hopes of camping out on the property, but I didn't want them to on account that Troy and Brandons' lack of respect for my mother who also live on this property and her things.

When I confronted Troy and told him he could not stay on our property, and that he would either have to go say on the property that our mother gave him or somewhere else, he got mad and started asking why as if he didn't already know. I told him that I could not trust him because he had stolen from mother before and destroyed some of her things out of sure spit. He then started to argue with me while he walked towards the house, disregarding my warnings to stay away from it and continued to give me cheap excuses about why I didn't matter anymore and how what he did to our mother didn't either, and that I should just get over it. We finally arrived at the front gate after prevaricating around the issue, and we were both pretty angry at that point, so I did not want him to go in the house where mother was, as he has attacked her verbally in the past before and made here brake down and cry, so I shut the gate and stood in front of the latch. He told me to get out of the way in a stern voice, and I emphatically said No!

At that time, my mother came outside to find out what was going on, that's when my brother took the opportunity to put his left arm around my neck and pull me away from the gate, but he didn't stop there. He forced me to the ground; on my back and put his knee on my chest like some kind of WWE wrestler pinning me to the ground. I tried to get him off me, but then Brandon came over and held down my hands. During this incident, our mother and maria were trying to pull Troy off of me, but to no avail. Then Brandon said ENUOGH in a dominant tone of voice and Troy then said "I'm going to let you up now," as if I as to blame. I then got up and walked quickly up the ramp to the house and told them that I was going to call the cops, but Troy just said "go ahead" in a smug way. I was sick and tired of his arrogance, this was not the first time he had attacked me in the manner, so I intended to press charges this time. But as I was on the phone with the operator, my mother started to have an emotional breakdown and I had to tell the operator that I would have to call her back. Then I went over and picked my mother up of the floor and paced her in her favorite chair. I then went into the kitchen to cut up an orange for her, when the operator called back to see if everything was okay and I proceeded to tell her what had happened. I looked outside to see what was going on, but it seems that my brother and his family had just left us to our grief, so I went out and shut the driveway gate. afterwards, I went inside to tend my wounds, and after about 15 minutes, a policeman showed up to take a report and pictures of the scene of the crime- that include the cuts all over my body and he asked me if I needed to go to hospital because I had been holding my chest as if it was hurting. I didn't feel there was a need to, so he asked me if I wanted to file charges. But when I look at me mother who was silently pleading with me not to do so, I decided not to and instead filed a no trespassing restriction on them. I then had to sign a waiver saying that I had decide to press charges of my own free will.

My sister Tena had been visiting us a few days prior, and I found out that her and troy had planned this all out before she even came up here. And to think, I was planning on giving my share of inheritance to them, as I normally live a simple life. I even told them I was going to do this and allowed them to choose what they wanted, so I don't understand want all this hate is about.

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