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7/5/2019 A.

Yesterdays' event has finalized my decision not to have anything more to do with my brother and his family, and this is sad because he and I were once fellow spiritual ascenders. this has been the very event which I believe will push me into the final period phase of my life prematurely.

I also remember that Troys' spirit animal is the falcon, or in this case, it is being represented by a marsh hawk. One of these birds set up a nest in the forest close to the house as of late. this is unusual, and the local scrub jays have been going over their almost every day trying to drive it away.

One day, I went out that direction to check the corners of our property, and the marsh hawk attacked me, then proceeded to follow me to the end of our property before leaving me alone, and I think it was an omen.

I need to be more aware of what nature is trying to tell me so that I can avoid these bad situations.

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