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7/6/2019 B.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The 22/0 numeral aspect is known in Gnostic terms as the "Yaldabaoth," but in the traditional Tarot it is associated with the fool card or the blind one. This type of being comes into existence by Shekhinak emanating through the spirit worlds of the Tikkum Olam without her partner (Christ). This results in becoming concealed inside the soul in a state of isolation and perceiving itself as alone. As such, it creates its own materiality with a host of co-actors within its own mind. This often compels them to manifest these host in their real-world environment. In this sense, it's very similar to Gods' creation, but not as one with the Holy Spirit, as it has not bonded with Christ as our Saviour. Instead, this results in a reincarnation of one who has already been through the whole spectrum of the Major Arcana process before. I believe I am such a soul, but this time I'm following Christ to my salvation by the No. 3 and No. 7 as the goals I'm looking to achieve, thus No. 37 is my key.

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