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1/1/2022 A.

Yehuyah No. 227= is a congratulation from my physical guardian Angel, as the number 337 means that I'm making me divine guides proud!

We usually receive this divine message through the most ordinary an unassuming way, so the next time this number keeps appearing in your life, it would be a good idea to stop for a moment and ask the Angel who sent you this message if they are trying to tell you something more than just giving us an attaboy.

That being said, No. 337 also speaks about inspiration in my case, so Yehuyah is saying that I should inspire others to live to the fullest and I should strive to make others want to be better people.

This is not about finding a more exciting lifestyle; it's about finding more inspiration in even the smallest and most ordinary things in our lives. This applies to me as well, and Yehuyah reminds me to not be satisfied with simply looking at life in a mediocre way because I can still have an extraordinary life if I choose to find the innate magic in it!

Therefore, Yehuyah is asking me to be more fearless with my choices and more spontaneous with my decisions, as sometimes we just need to be a little adventurous in order to have a real shot at a bigger life.

Ey tells me not to be afraid to expand my horizons either, because this is how I can have a clearer picture of the world and how it works. the Angels No. 337 is encouraging me to do away with monotony and routines in my life, because life is too short to be bound by such things. as such, I should do my best to live the life that I had been envisioning for myself before the loss of my soulmate (No. 123).

You see, the No. 337 meaning often resonates with divine encouragement, so when we feel like we can't take it anymore, it's a reminder that we have gone through more challenging situations in the past and managed to overcome them.

Yehuyah tells me to start believing in my own abilities and spend less time hoping that others will fight my battles for me! relying on others all the time will not do me any real favors, because sooner or later I'll need to fight my own battles for myself, and this will get more difficult the longer I prolong it. Therefore, I'll need to find the solution to my own problems if I want to come passed it. In the end, I can only count on myself to get me out of trouble. as such, the Angel No. 337 encourages me to not only build my personal strength up, but that of others as well. Help them become independent and strong-willed so that they can fight on their own and no run to others at the first sign of trouble.

Yehuyah is also reminding me that I'm blessed with plenty of gifts and talents of my own, so when things are taking too long to happen for my taste in this life, I need to learn to persevere and be patient enough to wait for my breakthrough.

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