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4/1/2023 AB

Ascended Masters No. 55= By sending me this message containing No. 55, the Ascended Masters are reminding me to maintain my focus on the bigger picture. Align myself with source energy and stay attuned to the big picture, and I'll attract circumstances that will offer me the freedom and independence I've been looking for.

What a great feeling it is to know that we are guided and supported along our terrestrial journey! Every time we struggle or ask for help, the Angels send us subtle messages through hidden symbols or numerical sequences. And if we pay attention to what's happening around us and open up our heart, we can read and follow these signs.

Seeing this No. 55 this afternoon indicates that I should expect major changes to happen in my life that will have a great impact in all areas of it. Change isn't as bad as most of us think. Actually, if we go deeper and think about it, the only constant in our lives is change.

The Ascended Masters say that in order to grow and become a better version of ourselves, we must accept and embrace change. Be ready to let go of everything that's not supporting and helping me anymore, as situations and things will change. Also know that guidance and support will show up for me. Be patient, embrace this change and trust that everything is working out for me! Amen.

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