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4/1/2023 A

Seheiah No. 333= This Angel No. 333 is a divine reminder that the Absonite Source is the great creator of all existence, and because I originate from this Universal Creator, being creative is part of my spiritual evolution. My ability to create is a blessed gift. And when I create to enhance Lifes' beauty, it's a spiritual form of my self-expression and a reflection of the Divine within me.

In this light, the message of this No. 333 is to express the creative urge within me. and by expressing the creative fire within me, I'll become more Divine as I start creating more in my life. Being creative brings me closer to the Absonite Source. and when my whole life becomes a creative masterpiece, I'll be living in the flow of divine energy.

I already understand that everything in our reality was once an idea or thought that was imagined by one individual. As such, when I daydream and use my imagination to visualize my own creation, I'm essentially receiving an invisible spiritual force that is coming from the Divine Creator.

Seheiah wants me to realize that these invisible spiritual forces come to me as inspirations. Ey wants me to keep in mind that the word "inspiration" stems from the Latin word "inspirare," which basically means "to breath in" or "inhale." So, whenever I'm receiving an inspiration, I'm actually breathing in the Universal Creators' spiritual force into my body, and that divine spirit is then within me. For this reason, when I become inspired, I'll understand that being connected in spirit with the Universal Creative Source is how I receive an overflow of epiphanies and ideas for living my creative life. And through this creative process, I'm transforming the ideas and thoughts from my imagination into this physical reality.

As a co-creator of my own experience, I start radiating an energetic vibration that attracts certain individuals into my life that can help me create my vision. Whether I have a soulful desire to write, paint, sing, dance or build something amazing, I'm in fact in love with Life itself. When I do any kind of activity joyfully and lovingly from the core of my heart, I'm expressing my love for Life. And remember, all creativity that comes from my heart is part of the divine flow.

So, when this Angel No. 333 divinely appeared, it represented that this is a good time for me to think about the things that bring true meaning into my life. Simply put, this No. 333 stands for being true to who I am, and Seheiah is urging me to trust in my natural-born ability to create anything that inspires me.

I now have the understanding of how living my life on earth is my artistic masterpiece to offer humanity, and it's also the creative expression of my life plan. Seheiah has reminded me that when I'm creating, I'm actually co-creating with the Absonite Source in order to enhance Lifes' beauty with my talented gifts. In the end, the spiritual meaning of this Angel No. 333 message comes down to expressing my creativity through the strengths that the Absonite Source gifted me with. Expressing my creativity is a fun way to be in tune with the creative pulse of Creation itself, and a way to learn how to think like the Divine- and ultimately, become a God myself.

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