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3/31/2023 A

Haiaiel No. 404= The hidden meaning behind this Angel No. 404 speaks about endurance. Haiaiel says there will be many challenges that I'll need to overcome and struggles I must face, and I need to have the staying power to make sure that I will still be standing to the very end.

Haiaiel is the Angel of Divine arms, and ey wants me to understand that life throws a curveball every now and then, and I need to be prepared for such eventualities. But Haiaiel wants to reassure me that I can handle them with confidence because I'm blessed with gifts and talents.

I'm being encouraged to have more patience. Yesterday, we had 70 mile an hour winds rip the front enclosure off our cat area, and I had to go out there and fix it before it destroyed everything. It was complete chaos with cats running everywhere and tarps wiping in the wind with broken poles threatening to maim someone, which just seemed to be making the situation more difficult. As such, Haiaiel wants to mention that when things are not working out the way I hoped, it's okay to be a bit frustrated or impatient. But when the time comes that a situation can't be resolved at all, ey doesn't want that to become a reason for me to give up completely. Simply trust in the fact that everything has its right timing. Learn to accept that not everything will be achieved easily, and there are some things that will take an even longer time to manifest in my life.

Haiaiel urges me to use this example of how to turn a setback into something that can inspire and motivate me to work even harder in the rest of my life! Ey wants me to master my craft of fortune telling and become so good at it that people will associate my name with it. Ey asks me to never stop learning and improving myself because this is how I discover new passions and new dreams.

Last night, I had a lot of dreams where I was contemplating different aspects of my Ring Deck and how they related to reality. This was exhausting, and I woke up several times with my mind racing a mile-a-minute. Haiaiel tells me not to stop dreaming big dreams and coupling them with hard work and effort. Sooner or later, I'll realize that everything I'm dreaming about is actually happening in reality one-by-one. Therefore, Haiaiel is encouraging me to chase my dreams, but to do it practically. Big dreams take a while to happen, and they will require my time and energy. It's important that I learn to manage my expectations so that I don't end up disappointed or work doubly hard to have a higher chance of achieving them.

With that said, This Angel No. 404 also speaks about the importance of loyalty. Even though everyone seemed to be working against me in this crisis, Haiaiel doesn't want me to forget the people who have been with me through thick-and-thin, and ey wants me to make sure that I will be there for them in their time of need.

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