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3/30/2023 A

Mehiel No. 611= I woke up this morning and needed to us the bathroom in an urgent way, but there was someone in there. We live out in the woods, so I was forced to go outside and find a spot to relieve my bladder. While standing there, I was admiring all the stars in the sky. It was still dark out and I could see a lot out here away from the city lights, and a shooting star immediately crossed in front of my view, so I wished to become the person I'm destined to become.

With the harmonious blend of energy from the No. 6 and the almighty master No. 11, this Angel No. 611 speaks about building back better after a time of pain and suffering. As such, it symbolizes waves of happiness, joy and success, but even more importantly, it reconnects me with my true soul purpose and mission.

Seeing this Angel No. 611 just after making my wish on that shooting star signifies a beautiful message of hope, optimism and faith. Mehiel noticed that I'm uncertain about the future and I don't know which road to take or how to get through the days that really hurt. Ey wants me to know that even during times of suffering, I mustn't forget the strength of my soul and the light in my heart, as I wasn't born to worry.

the Angels will always reveal the next step forward at precisely the right time, so Mehiel is asking me to believe that the right life path will unfold for me. Ey says it takes time, courage and patience to move forward in life. Progress rarely happens overnight. Mehiel wants to remind me that I'm not falling behind in life, and everything is coming.

You see, Mehiel is an Angel who can offer an antidote against the forces of darkness, and ey is asking me to connect with the Angels and ask them to release any negative and heavy emotions weighing me down.

Life will always throw setbacks, obstacles and challenges my way. It's the universal Law of Transmutation that makes everything change, but the key is realizing that I'm strong enough to rise above them. Ey wants me to know that I'm more capable than I give myself credit for. What lies ahead is greater than anything my mind can imagine: new life chapters, financial healing and other positive energies are on the way to me. Ey wants me to trust in the fact that no matter what happens, things will not stay the same, and I will find my way, as I'm always, "always" loved and guided by spirit.

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