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1/10/2022 A.

Gabriel No. 700= The numerological energy represented by the number 700 resonates with the idea of comprehensive ancient knowledge residing within us, so Gabriel seems to be commenting on the previous blog 1/9/2022 B.

Ey states that this introspective energy from our external environment is observed, experienced then assimilated; becoming knowledge that resides within our soul.

A person imbued with these 700 energies tends to be drawn to many subjects of study- especially holistic subjects related to science. As such, they are apt to observe life intently in order to experience and learn all that is possible from it, but the energy represented by the No. 700 in this message resonates with other types of ideas as well. You see, it is spiritual and wise with infinite potential in our lives. It's intuitively inclined with a sense of the awesome concept of the cohesive state of all that is too. Therefore, the concept which is associated with the certainty of knowledge from ancient times to the present through this practice is right, as there would be a feeling of infinite potential for the learning and internalizing of the details and circumstances presented by the environment.

Gabriel is emphasizing this perspective because I was concerned that an individuals' Birthday could only have a metaphysical significance with no real spiritual quality. But, as you can see, this is not the case.

The energy which is represented by this No. 700 message resonates with the long-term accumulation and pursuit of knowing oneself. It is an ancient energy containing the knowledge acquired throughout the souls' existence through these rituals. It is now; as it has always been by maintaining an enthusiasm about experiencing and observing ever more and contributing even more to its already massive array of comprehensive wisdom. It is intuitive to practice such rituals because it knows itself as a whole, and resonates with the spiritual, material and mental aspects of our existence simultaneously. Thus, it's potential is infinite. We can think of it as an ancient self-awareness of our free will that knows itself as a depository of wisdom.

Gabriel says that I should imagine having a sense that my ancient ancestral knowledge will become available to me through the observance of my Birthday, and this will feel as though anything I want to know is available to me at this time. Ey says that most of my life focuses on the accumulation of wisdom, but if I continue to discover new ways to use my intuition even more; I'll tend to see things even more as a whole, yet I'll also retain my ability to see it in its parts as well so that the whole can be better analyzed by my human mind, and this in turn will help with that.

In order for you to understand why Gabriel is being so adamant about this subject, you need to know that I haven't celebrated my Birthday since I was a young child because of my families' religious beliefs, and now the custom of abstaining from it has become a convenient habit in my life.

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