1/11/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1110= Yesterday evening, I was feeling off, as things weren't working out that well for me. I even started to think this must be the initial influence of the mercury retrograde cycle beginning on January 13, and this is the response Israfil had to my disposition.

What I put my mind to is what I will drive. A positive mindset will draw positive outcomes. Therefore, the message this divine number conveys is for me to break the cycle of negative thought patterns and stop thinking or behaving as though I'm a victim. Essentially, I need to stop thinking that bad things are happening to me.

Israfil is reminding me through this number sequence that I'm creating this reality. No one can do anything to me unless I allow them to, so I need to take charge of my life by bringing my thoughts, feelings and emotions back into alignment with the positive energies of my environment. keep in mind that the energy I put out there has a ripple effect, so whatever I create will come back to me.

By creating positive energy through my thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, I'll draw forward the positive energies of the universe, and my positivity will in turn attract more positivity. Through my kindness, patience, hard work, determination and compassion, I will build momentum in my life and attract good things.

Israfil reiterates how important it is for me to keep my thoughts positive, as my thoughts are manifesting into my reality at this time. In other words, my thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs are shaping my reality. Ey states that "now" I have the power to create my reality, so I should engage in more creative and positive activities. this will open the door to new auspicious opportunities.

Israfil ask me to step out of my comfort zone and achieve my goals, as there is no doubt that I will end up attracting that which I wished for with ease if I do so.

Israfil is always trying to get me out of my comfort zone.

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