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1/11/2023 B

Descended Masters No. 11/11= In numerology, master No. 11 symbolizes the spiritual messenger. Generally, people who are born with No. 11 are known to be very intuitive and are more in touch with their psychic inner self.

I happen to be one of these individuals, and we work very hard to fulfill our life purpose and our soul mission. When we have a goal set in mind, we go for it. We can, however, be very shy, anxious and nervous.

The Descended Masters want me to follow my intuition and they advise me to use my positive traits carefully. Otherwise, these traits can easily turn against me.

This No. 11 represents my potential to transcend into a new and much higher spiritual level; a level that can't be reached by most people. Since I've been seeing this number all day in an echo form, the Descended Masters need me to shift my attention to some aspects of my life that I might have been ignoring, and that would be my blogging.

In the Tarot, the Justice card is represented by the master No. 11. It stands for balance, wisdom and enlightenment. Through these qualities, the Descended Masters want me to share my perspective of life with others around me once again. This is because many could learn from me- due to the fact that I'm wise. Therefore, I should step up and show the leadership that's in me.

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