1/12/2022 A.

Descended Masters No. 112/112= A Descended Master plays the same role as an Ascended Master in our spiritual guidance, but they have gone deeper into the Ogdoad before starting their path of ascension, so they have learned things we can't comprehend about reality at this Centr'e (Macroprosopus) level of density.

Whenever they send me a message, it always has an echo, but it's actually just the one Angel number.

I received this message when I was working on my new divination tool, and the Descended masters are telling me that the energy of No. 112 resonates with a focus on creating a secure foundation upon which future existence and its endeavors can rest upon. The No. 112 is self-determined, independent and conscientious, so the focus of its energy is virtually always in preparation for the future. Attention is generally given to the current project, which will end up strengthening the foundation of things that may be needed for future security. This type of security pertains to our financial security and stability in order to live a pleasant life.

No. 112 reduces to number 4; a number with a dominate influence of focus and pragmatism in this sequence. However, the digits found in the Angel number 112 have a fair amount of influence too, and this is where the independence aspect and some teamwork inclinations come into play.

Although I'm comfortable working alone, the No. 112 implies that working with others while I'm focusing on accomplishing the goals of its own choosing would be better, as it would provide the method that would offer the best chance of getting the job done, due to the fact that many hands make lighter work.

Credit for work accomplished should neither be desired by me nor offered to others, as this is the work of the divine, so the accomplishment itself should be my overriding concern- unless credit would somehow relate to the accomplishment of an additional project. In which case, it will be deemed highly important.

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