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1/12/2023 AB

Israfil No. 1111= This No. 1111 tells me to be ready for new opportunities and changes. To do this, I'll need to be open-minded and not dismiss any opportunity without thinking carefully about them. These opportunities can appear to me as a person, situation or new job opportunity. Hence, I should start looking for opportunities that will help me evolve spiritually.

Israfil says I'm ready to face new changes. Therefore, I must have the self-confidence and courage to face new situations in my life. I might have to bring these changes into my life when I'm feeling stuck in a situation. For that, I'll have to prepare myself. Israfil asks me to have more faith in my abilities, as the universe also believes in me. to become connected with my spirit, I must first pray and connect with the universe or God. This is because it's a form of meditation that will make me humble and kind. Start with expressing my gratitude for all the good things in my life, as expressing my gratitude will help me connect with the purity of my soul and expand my mentality.

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