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1/13/2022 A.

Another pearl of wisdom my Thought Adjuster shared with me, is how to predict how each year is going to be for me according to my personal year number. It's really simple, I just have to add the birthday and birth month of my birth date to the universal year in question. So, in my case, September 6th would be 9+6+2022=9+6+6, which adds up to 21 and 2+1=3, so I would find that PY3 will be a year of communication, self-expression: launching a new project related to social media or a website, new business and having some fun, which is shaping up to be right on target for me. But the really interesting part of learning this method is next years' prediction.

In 2023, my personal year number will be PY22. This year type is much like PY4, but on a larger scale. PY4 is about planning, attention to detail and concentrating on ones' work in order to reach ones' goals. But number 22 is the number of the master builder and my life path number to boot. So, in 2023, the world should be my oyster!

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