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1/13/2023 B

After I finished my paper on Mercury in Aries while being interrupted and distracted by a dozen other petty issues, the deity Odin sent me a Javelina as a message, and this is the first time he has contacted me.

Odin is associated with Mercury, and he is the chief practitioner of the Norse magic system called "Seidr." According to the belief, Odin had the power to bind individuals' minds with this magical power and make them panic during battle, but he could also unbind their minds and provide relief to them by removing fear.

The spiritual meaning of this Javelina is that I am learning to let go of things that don't serve me. I'm learning to be true to myself and not be swayed by other peoples' opinions.

Javelina are known as "swamp pigs," which symbolizes the transformation that happens when we let go of our old identity. The only way out of a swamp is through it. And when I come out the other side of this swamp I've been wading through, I'll be reborn as something new and stronger than before.

In the wild, the Javelina is known for living in large groups, which can amount to a hundred or more members in a heard. When I was young, I used to go Deer hunting with my father using bow. More often than not, I would run into a heard of Javelina and they would follow me back to camp. The all-father Odin says that Javelina work to keep themselves within their group by letting off a strong scent which can be followed by others. Thus, the Javelina doesn't get easily separated from its heard. But if it does find itself alone, it has a tough hid suitable for heavy leather. they are adaptable to different environments as well, and a Javelina will defend itself, if need be, using its large tusks.

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