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1/14/2023 AB

Descended Masters No. 41/41= Although the precise meaning of No. 41 is unclear to scholars, it does have some relationship with the kings of ancient Israel and Judah in the bible.

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. It was during the earliest days of his rule- when he was 41- that the United Kingdom of Israel split into two pieces (1 Kings 12). This happened in 930 A.D., and it was prophesied to occur (1 Kings 11:29-39, 12:15), creating the Kingdom of Israel known as the Ten Tribes, and Judah comprised of two tribes plus the tribe of Levi making 13 tribes. Note that Rehoboam ruled over Judahs' Kingdom while Jeroboam ruled over the ten tribes of Israel.

Asa was one of the good Kings over Judah, and he reigned for 41 years from 910 to 869 B.C. He had the third longest monarchy of Judahs' 21 rulers (1 Kings 15:10). Jeroboam II also officially ruled over the ten tribes of Israel for 41 years, though it was only for 40 actual years (2 Kings 14:23). His was the longest reign of all those who took the throne over the northern ten tribes.

The phrase "His mercy endureth forever" occurs 41 times in the King James translation. Out of the large number of prophecies found in the Old Testament, 41 of them concern individuals and not nations or other groups of people, which has some significance here.

In the K.J.V., Job 41 mentions a strange animal known as a Leviathan. This creature is described in Psalm 74 and 104, as well as in Isaiah 27. This fearsome Beast has a large tongue and thick, impenetrable skin composed of scales. It was also quite strong, possessing a jaw with two rows of teeth that could not be forced open!

In 41 B.C., Marc Antony promoted Herod the Great to the position of Roman Tetrarch over Jerusalem and Galilee. The grandson of Herod the Great was Herod Agrippa I, and he was elevated by Caligula in 39 A.D. to Roman Tetrarch over Galilee and Perea. After Emperor Caligula was assassinated in 41 A.D., Herod Agrippa I is made King over Judea and Samaria by Claudius. What is significant here is that this Herod is notorious for murdering the Apostle James (see message 1/8/2023 B on page 2400), thus becoming the first person to kill the first of the original Apostles (Acts 12:1-5, 19-23).

Throughout my whole life, the dragon guide that has always been by my side, would not reveal its name or nature to me. But now I know some history about it and why it's in my life.

This has something to do with letting go of the old and embracing the new that Israfil speaks about in the message 1/14/2023 A as well.

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