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1/14/2023 AC

Israfil No. 1100= This karmic master root No. 11 represents the ideals of enlightenment, illumination, great energy, visionary creativity, idealism, inspiration, self-expression, sensitivity and mysticism I've been experiencing today. According to the teachings of this master No. 11 root, I can only truly connect with my higher self once I discover and pursue my own soul mission and life purpose.

The beginning of a spiritual journey is symbolized by the No. 0 in this sequence, which is said to carry the energy of the God Force and the Universal Energies, while having a resonant relationship with the cultivation of my spiritual characteristics. As the saying goes, "The solutions are inside," implying that I should pay attention to my inner voice here.

Israfil wants me to listen to my heart here, while following my true desires and instincts, which is what is being implied by this Angel No. 1100 sign. Ey encourages me to follow my intuitions here, follow the Angels' guidance that is associated with these messages and go with the energy flow of the universe. In other words, Israfil wants me to get out of my rut and move in the direction my heart tells me to go. I need to have faith that my goals can be accomplished and that I will experience fulfillment in life.

Know that my intuitions, ideas and impressions are showing me the answers to my prayers and guiding me in the right direction when this Angel No. 1100 is being presented here, so my spirituality and divine life purpose should be at the forefront of my thoughts, beliefs and attitude as I begin to shape my own reality. Ey wants me to participate in endeavors that will enrich my life and put my unique set of skills and abilities to good use. Intuition knows best, so Israfil wants me to follow and commit wholeheartedly to my soul mission.

The divine realm is essential to my romantic life, so I have Angelic Guardians with me at all times. On the other hand, I'm in a stressful circumstance too. In a nutshell, Israfil wants me to know that under the circumstances, I'm doing the proper things to fix my problems. The Angels will help me get though these relationship issues, and the most beneficent powers in the cosmos are aligned to bring about my success, so I can relax and wait for them to do so. This is the moment in life when things will start getting better for me.

Israfil says that I'll be pleasantly surprised by the events in my future, and I'll be able to get ahead in life by simply using the resources that will be at my disposal. Some of my strongest allies will be those who guide, teach, heal and mentor me, and the Angels are helping me compete my one and only essential goal in this life. Israfil invites me to start meditating more now. As a result, I'll be able to pick up on Divine communications even better, but the answers to my prayers have already begun to arrive. It would also help the Divine to communicate with me if I were quiet more often. It's high time I stopped dwelling on my past mistakes and moved no, so I need to let the positive forces of the future in and move forward while leaving my worries, concerns and stress to the Angels.

The message of the root No. 11 here is to trust in the knowledge I've been given by the Divine Beings, as they will direct me towards my goals by illuminating the way ahead.

The message of No. 00 in this sequence is that I should pay close attention to the external indicators that the Divine Beings are sending me. I need to keep an eye out for them, because they contain the solution I've been seeking.

Israfil is telling me with the No. 110 in this sequence to keep my eyes on the prize, which is actually my own individual life purpose and destiny in this case. I should pay attention to my feelings and ideas, and use prayer and optimistic thinking to help me stay on course.

Lastly, the No. 100 in this sequence is a sign that I have support from the Divine. If I listen to the guidance I receive from the Angels in intuitive moments, I'll find myself in better times.

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